Brain Injury

Brain injuries can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially, even the most “mild” injury to the brain can result in severe after effects. Brain injury can occur in a number of ways, from sports-related injuries to falls, car accidents, birth injury, medical malpractice and more. When a traumatic brain injury (TBI) has occurred, your primary concern is for the care and health of the injured person. Most people don’t have the resources to deal with the financial burden of brain injury care without crucial insurance coverage to help cover medical expenses. Legally a brain injury case is related to compensation for negligence that caused the brain injury.

Michael Lamson is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston, he can give representation, legal advice and guidance in cases of brain injury. If a brain injury occurred as the result of negligence by another party, Michael Lamson and his team will aggressively fight for your right of compensation. Brain injury is life altering, debilitating and traumatic for anyone to experience. Let Michael Lamson review your case and discuss your legal options in your brain injury case.