Oil Rig Accidents

Oil Rig Accidents can be devastating in many ways causing severe injuries or even the death of the workers on board. An oil rig is an environment that is especially dangerous and the health and safety standards in the industry are there to protect workers. When something goes wrong and the severe injury or death of an oil rig worker occurs, Michael Lamson is there to help survivors and their families.

Oil rig accidents can cause serious injuries that can cause permanent disability and can result in death. Michael Lamson has worked with the families of oil rig workers in cases of burn injuries, disfigurement, slip and fall injuries, and more. He works aggressively to win compensation for the pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses incurred by an oil rig accident.

Michael Lamson has over 35 years experience as a personal injury lawyer representing clients who have been involved in a maritime accident or who have suffered an on the job maritime injury. If you have been involved in an oil rig accident, don’t hesitate, call Michael Lamson for a case review and representation against the oil rig operators who were responsible for the workers life and safety while on the job.