Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Michael Lamson has successfully represented hundreds of clients in motor vehicle accident lawsuits during his over 30 years as a practicing personal injury lawyer.  Call Michael Lamson  for a free case evaluation of your motor vehicle accident. You will gain valuable legal advice and guidance and he will determine if legal action is appropriate. Michael Lamson and his team work tirelessly for their clients to win the maximum compensation from an at-fault individual or entity such as a trucking company or insurance company.

A motor vehicle accident can cause the tragic loss of a loved one or serious, life-altering injuries to its victims. You need an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer like Michael Lamson to represent you in these complex and difficult cases.  Some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents are driver distraction, driver fatigue, and drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Michael Lamson represents clients who have experienced a traumatic motor vehicle accident involving a car, motorcycle, semi, and 18-wheeler and more. Motor vehicle accidents can take on many forms, from Head-on collisions, rollover accidents, hit and run, to t-bone/side impact, red light running, and more. In any car wreck, individuals can be seriously injured by burn injuries, spinal cord injury, brain injury, broken bones, disfigurement and permanent scars, paralysis, death.

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