Auto Accident Lawyer

Michael Lamson has successfully represented clients in hundreds of auto accident cases during his more than 35 years as a practicing personal injury lawyer.  An auto accident can cause the tragic loss of a loved one or serious injuries. You need an experienced auto accident lawyer like Michael Lamson to represent you in these complex and difficult cases. In many cases, Michael Lamson will work with physicians and medical care clinics to provide treatment if medical insurance is not available.

Whatever the reason for your car accident, Michael Lamson and his team of accident investigators will work hard to prove your personal injury case to help give you peace and justice during this stressful time.

By speaking to Michael Lamson about your auto accident, you can gain valuable legal advice and guidance and determine if legal action is appropriate. We will work aggressively to win the maximum compensation from an at-fault individual or an insurance company. During your time of vulnerability you need to focus on healing from your auto accident injury, let Michael Lamson work for justice in your auto accident case.