Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents can be traumatic, severe events in which you and your family can be seriously injured or even die.  Vehicles in these types of accidents are usually Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s), vans, pick-up trucks and large trucks. Rollover accidents are likely to be fatal or result in catastrophic injuries.

Rollover accidents can be caused by a number of reasons; vehicles with a high center of gravity can be less stable than smaller vehicles, a simple “overcorrecting” maneuver, a small hit to a curb, median or guardrail, bad road conditions such as rain or ponding, speeding, distracted driving, or multi-car collisions have all been contributing factors to deadly rollover accidents.

Michael Lamson has represented clients for over 30 years and will fight aggressively for the rights of victims of rollover accidents. He will work aggressively to seek compensation for rollover accident victims and their families. Whether you are dealing with traumatic brain injury, permanent disability, or even the tragic loss of a loved one, put your trust in Michael Lamson to thoroughly investigate the accident and determine if your case is legally actionable. To discuss your case with the best personal injury attorney, call Michael Lamson.