Plant Explosion Accidents

Individuals who work in industrial plants face dangerous conditions and hazards every day. There are risks and trade-offs to this line of work, but one should never have to trade their safety for their work. Chemical plants, fertilizer plants, refineries and manufacturing plants have all been involved in dangerous and extreme explosions and accidents. Plant explosions happen more often than we know, many are not large enough to garner media coverage that brings these devastating accidents to light.

If you or a family member has experienced a plant explosion accident, it can a severe, life-altering or life-ending event. Michael Lamson has over 35 years of expertise and knowledge to represent victims of plant explosion accidents. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, burned, disabled or disfigured or has lost their life in a plant explosion, it is time to call Michael Lamson to discuss your case.

Plant explosion accidents can have various causes, the most common of which is negligence on the part of the plant operators to provide a safe and non-toxic work environment. OSHA standards are in place, but we have seen many cases in which these safety regulations were not followed and a plant worker suffered the consequences. Plant explosions are extremely dangerous and workers have experienced sever burn injuries, crush injuries, loss of limbs, sight, or hearing and most will be dealing with the pain and suffering caused by the plant explosion accident for years to come.

Micahel Lamson will aggressively fight for the rights of plant explosion victims and their families.  Call him today to discuss your case and let him fight for your right to compensation for wrongful death, workers compensation, medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income and more.